Makoko Hospital Project


Fifth year thesis project, the design of a maternity health centre for the Lagos, Nigeria water slum community Makoko exploring water as a mirror of life and death. Looking at 3 key perspectives on water;

1. The symbolic nature of water as a renewing, purifying and hygienic agent,

2. The life giving qualities of water, as “a fountain of gardens, the well of living water”

3. Water as a deadly natural force, which can not only give life but also take it

The project uses the vehicle of a Maternity Health Centre located in the most extreme of situations,

a water slum in the Nigerian city of Lagos, to explore this dual and multifaceted nature of water. The

building takes the form of a series of pavilions ordered around an oasis of fresh clean water. There

is also provision for supplementary moving health services for home births and check ups.