RADIAL Project, GSA Sustainability

Radial is a collective* of creative thinkers from the university community across Glasgow. We are all connected through a shared need and desire to live sustainably. We believe that climate change is a cultural issue connected to inherent values we all hold. Therefore we can find commonality and connection to tackle these issues together transforming current habits into meaningful habits that will build a sustainable future. Funded by Zero Waste Scotland and born out of GSA Sustainability; we are students, staff, volunteers and facilitators spread across all creative disciplines from the Glasgow School of Art, University of Glasgow, Glasgow Caledonian University and University Strathclyde. Our core aim is to collectively inspire action towards a zero waste society through the exploration, practice and sharing of ideas that are rooted in the circular economy and resource efficiency. Our project focuses on 3 areas: food waste prevention; extended product life cycles and increased recycling. In each of these areas we will allow space for holistic thinking and as the project grows embrace the many directions the work might take and the many people that will help shape it.
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